New submission

New submission

This page includes instructions for authors on how to make a submission to the Jàmbá: Journal of Disaster Risk Studies. For details of how to prepare and submit a revised manuscript via the online manuscript submission system, please see the instructions for resubmission (after formal peer review).

Please select the applicable link below:

Submit original work to the Jàmbá: Journal of Disaster Risk Studies 

We ask our authors to ensure that they submit original work that:

  • have been honestly carried out according to rigorous scientific standards that has not been obtained fraudulently or dishonestly, or fabricated or falsified
  • present an accurate account of the research performed and the results obtained and offer an objective discussion of the significance thereof
  • present sufficient detail and reference to public sources of information in order to permit peers to repeat the work if needed
  • report data accurately and never ‘fudged’, with any problematic data also treated accordingly
  • cite all relevant references; it is the duty of the author to check the references that are cited very carefully to ensure that the details are accurate and in the correct format
  • declare any (potential) conflicts of interest
  • do not claim originality if others have already reported similar work in part or as a whole
  • give credit to the work and findings of others that have led to your findings or influenced them in some way
  • identify any hazards inherent in conducting the research
  • do not contain plagiarised material or anything that is libellous, defamatory, indecent, obscene or otherwise unlawful and that the work does not infringe on the rights of others
  • provide all the statements required by the journal in order to prove that the experimental protocols were approved appropriately and that they meet all the guidelines of the agency involved, including obtaining informed consent where required if investigations have involved animals or human subjects
  • contain explicit permission of the individuals from whom information was privately obtained and that they have accompanying appropriate letters confirming permission to include this information , as may be acquired by journals
  • avoid fragmenting research to maximise the number of articles submitted, also known as ‘salami publishing’
  • have not been submitted to multiple journals or other publication media.

Although an experimental or theoretical study may sometimes justify criticism of the work of another scientist, in no circumstances is personal criticism appropriate. Do not present work, or use language, in a way that detracts from the work or ideas of others.

Cover page: The format of the compulsory cover letter forms part of your submission and is located on the first page of your manuscript and should always be presented in English. You should provide all of the following elements:

  • Article title: Provide a short title of 50 characters or less.
  • Significance of work: Briefly state the significance of the book being reported on.
  • Full author details: Title(s), Full name(s), Position(s), Affiliation(s) and contact details (postal address, email, telephone and cellphone number) of each author. 
  • Corresponding author: Identify to whom all correspondence should be addressed to. 
  • Authors’ contributions: Briefly summarise the nature of the contribution made by each of the authors listed.
  • Summary: Lastly, a list containing the number of words, pages, tables, figures and/or other supplementary material should accompany the submission. 

Publication ethics 

AOSIS endorses and applies the standards of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE), which promotes integrity in peer-reviewed research publications.

AOSIS and its editors shall take reasonable steps to identify and prevent the publication of articles where research misconduct has occurred. The journal and its editors do not encourage misconduct, or knowingly allow misconduct to take place.

Please read the following publication policies relating to the above statement:

In the event that AOSIS or the journal editors are made aware of any allegation of research misconduct, AOSIS or the editors shall deal with such allegations appropriately. AOSIS and its editors are always willing to publish corrections, clarifications, retractions and apologies when needed.

Please read the following publication policy relating to retracting or correcting articles when needed:

Instructions on how the submission process work 

The authors of an article need to decide who the corresponding author will be that will take responsibility during the submission, peer review and editing processes. By submitting an article for publication you confirm that you are the corresponding/submitting author and that AOSIS will be communicating with you about the article. 

Firstly, register or ensure you have an author account with the Jàmbá: Journal of Disaster Risk Studies. Secondly, ensure your contact details are updated in your profile.

After you have logged in and clicked on Author, click on the link start a new submission to go to Step 1 of the five-step submission process (scroll down and click on the Next button on each screen to save your work and advance to the next screen):

  • Select the journal section and complete the submission checklist.
  • Upload submission file. Click on the Browse button and locate the file on your computer. When you have selected the file you wish to upload, click the Upload button. Review your submission (in a Word .doc) before sending it to the editors and ensure you have included your manuscript cover page.
  • Complete the manuscript metadata, author(s) details, manuscript title, manuscript abstract and keywords.
  • Upload either a separate cover page or other multiple supplementary file(s), such as large tables and photographs:
    • Click on the Browse button and locate the file on your computer.
    • Select the designation of your supplementary files (.eps, .xls).
    • When you have selected the file you wish to upload, click the Upload button. Note: You have a limit of 15MB for a single file you upload.
    • Repeat the process until all supplementary files have been uploaded. Note: You can only upload 1 supplementary file at a time.
  • Review your submission online in Step 5.
  • Click the Finish Submit button when you would like to complete the manuscript submission to the journal.

Support videos:

  • Click here to view a video on how to submit a paper online.
  • Click here to view a video on how to copyedit and proofread your article.

The submission process can be interrupted at any time; when you return to the site you can continue from where you left off. After completing the manuscript submission, you will receive a submission confirmation via email. You can also log into the Jàmbá: Journal of Disaster Risk Studies at any time to check the status of your manuscript.